It is not just a piece of equipment, it’s an experience. An exercising unit which allows you to perform multiple Pilates exercises. It is a matrix, a geometry, a way of perceiving your body, of feeling the perfection of the movements, the relaxation of the muscles. Mattools is simple and light, its design is essential and specifically studied in order to save space and make it easy to use. It consists of three layers of different materials, two of Eva (a particular type of rubber) at the ends and a wooden one at the centre. These provide the necessary rigidity and ensure a gentle contact with the body.



The position of the holes has been designed according to the needs of human biometrics. The appropriate quick-fit pegs made of plastic are anchored to these. Their configuration and geometric positioning on the mat allow extreme versatility, and make it possible to perform exercises in all four basic positions: standing, supine, prone and on all fours.



Mattools is a support tool for floor exercises. It is used to carry out all Pilates mat work exercises. The position of the holes is designed to allow a multitude of different exercises, and particularly in order to ensure its customisation according to need. The easy fastening of the pegs allows quickly implementing a large number of combinations for training and stretching every part of the body. Mattools follows the same principles of Pilates: improving posture, strengthening muscles, stretching and aligning each body part. It is suitable both for individual work, together with a personal trainer, or for group work. Therefore, it is in sync with the concept of well-being, and with finding a precise balance, internally and externally. Mattools has been created as a specific tool for Pilates, but you can use it for many other activities: from yoga to rehabilitation, from physiotherapy to athletics training. It is suitable for everyone who wishes to reinterpret the concept of wellness, without the limits imposed by a single discipline.


Bumpers e Pegs The pegs are made of plastic material, they are light and easy to insert, and lock, onto the Mattools. Their arrangement makes it possible to carry out and customise many exercises. They are covered by the bumpers, soft cylinders that improve comfort and make contact with body parts softer. They come in different sizes, to suit any requirement. Addons A variant of the standard pegs: it has through-holes which allow anchoring other tools, such as elastic bands and bars, in order to increase the number of exercises which may be carried out with Mattools. The elastic bands, available with different intensities, are an accessory to complement Pilates activities and floor exercises on the mat. Their proper use, together with other supports, improves axial elongation, work and relaxation of the arms and legs. Pop Bar The aluminium bars, one metre long, are used for specific Pilates mat work exercises and other posture and mobility work outs. They are easy to insert into the pegs and to integrate with your other Mattools accessories. Seatback The seatback is an essential support for the lower back. It facilitates and optimises alignment and is an integral part of many exercises. It is adjustable and easy to attach to the slots on the tool. Advantages and benefits It is light, easy to move and complete with all the tools required to create a vast number of exercises. Its versatility and low cost make it an ideal tool to use in the gym, both for individual and group lessons. It takes up little more space than a regular mat and therefore causes no space problems. Mattools is 100% customisable. The arrangement of pegs and slots allows customising any type of exercise for the needs of each user and allows extending these to different athletic disciplines. Its simplicity is also an additional strong incentive to involve people in testing it. Ideal both for those who have never worked out on a mat, and for those who have already experienced Pilates; they will all find the use of Mattools for their physical activities simply brilliant.